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CES has been carrying out IANZ accredited asbestos services in the Wellington region and throughout New Zealand for more than twenty five years. We have records of analysis dating back to the 1970's complimented by an extensive knowledge of asbestos related issues for many commercial, industrial and residential properties. Because asbestos service related skills have been commonly difficult to obtain, over the years we have developed and implemented a robust and documented internal training programme for all our staff many of whom now work in other aspects of the asbestos industry. The public health issues of asbestos and the consequences of poor management of asbestos materials are well known, we believe in providing quality services that demonstrate best practice, meet the requirements of legislation and internationally recognised standards, and are most importantly cost effective. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Introducing Our Staff

Jacqueline Herring - Director

Monica Singe - General Manager / Director

Stacey Innes - Laboratory Manager / Analyst

Jenny Mackie - Analyst

Emily Warren - Analyst

Isabel Andrews - Trainee 


Paul Dupree - Survey Manager

Aedan Coddington - Surveyor

Shaun Wilson - Survey Assist - Trainee


Aedan Coddington (Surveyor)

NZIHT, Dip BusMgmt. IP402

Aedan joined CES in 2020 with a background in infrastructure. During his time with CES he has undertaken ongoing training necessary for asbestos surveying. Aedan has sucessfully completed the industry recognised IP402 Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings and continues to develop his surveying and sampling skills and knowledge.

Emily Warren – Analyst

Emily joined the CES team from the UK in July 2023 as an analyst with numerous years of experience in Asbestos analysis and holds British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) Proficiency Certificates P401 (ID of Asbestos in Bulk Materials). She has completed the Laboratories assessments as a bulk analyst, and is an approved analyst. Emily is new to New Zealand and we welcome her to the team. 

Isabel Andrews - Laboratory Trainee 

Batchelor of Science.

Isabel joined CES in November 2023, and is progressing through our training programme for analysis. Since her time with us she has developed the necessary administration and database skills providing a good foundation for understanding the services we provide. She continues to develop her skills for the range of analysis offered in the Laboratory. welcome Isabel!

Jenny Mackie - Analyst

BSc. Biochemistry & Molecular Bio. 

Jenny joined CES in the lab in 2021 with a background in laboratory techinician roles. She has completed administration and database training providing the foundation for understanding services we deliver and development of client relationships and developed the necessary skills as an analyst in the laboratory. Jenny participates in Proficiency testing for bulk, fibre analysis, and gravimetric weights and is an IANZ accredited KTP. She has pleasant and professional manner with clients and colleagues alike and a valuable member of our team. 

Paul Dupree  (Survey Manager / Assessor)

P401, P402, P403, P404, P405, Work Safe Assessor (AA16080109)

Paul joined CES with many years experience working in the asbestos industry in the UK since 2003, he has an extensive knowledge of the requirements that New Zealand is currently experiencing. Paul specialises in asbestos surveying and management of asbestos in buildings, assessments and consultancy services. He holds British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) Proficiency Certificates P401 (ID of Asbestos in Bulk Materials), P402 (Building Surveys and Bulk Sampling of Asbestos), P403 (Asbestos Fibre Counting), P404 (Air Sampling and Clearance Testing of Asbestos) and P405 (Management of Asbestos in Buildings) qualifications and is a Worksafe licenced Assessor. Paul compliments our team with international experience in all types of asbestos surveying and project management. His knowledge and skills is highly respected by clients and the team alike.

Shaun Wilson (Survey Assist - Trainee Surveyor)


Shaun joined CES in September 2023 with a background in building, looking for a role with career prospects and an interest in the industry he has quickly immersed himself and displayed a willingness to learn. Shaun has been fulfilling the essential role of Survey Assist while undertaking internal training. Welcome Shaun!

Stacey Innes (Laboratory Manager - Analyst )

Proficiency Certificates: P401, P408, W201

Stacey joined the CES team from the UK as an analyst with numerous years of experience in Asbestos analysis and holds British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) Proficiency Certificates P401 (ID of Asbestos in Bulk Materials) and P408 (Identification and Quantification of Asbestos in Soils using PLM and PCM). Since her time with us she has developed and gained more responsibility as her roles have changed. Highly regarded analytical and technical skills she works with all CES personnel, collegues and clients professionally at all times. Stacey is an IANZ Accredited KTP, and as Laboratory Manager she provides training and supervision of analysts and management of day to day analysis in the laboratory while continuiing to routinely participate in proficiency testing and analysis within the laboratory.  

Monica Singe  (General Manager / Director)

BSc. (Zoology), Dip. EHSci (Environmental Health), Dip. Drinking Water (DWA) Assessor. IP402, IP405.

Monica has been involved with CES since 2005, in addition to being a Director she has been actively involved within the lab as a Technician/Analyst since 2013. She is the Laboratory General Manager providing office management, HR, quality systems and administration support to CES. Her background is in public & environmental health, with over twenty years experience in public health, health protection and environmental health related services including occupational health, asbestos air monitoring, biosecurity surveillance, drinking water, and regulatory enforcement. Additional roles within the wider group include Technical and Quality Management, developing and implementing systems and processes to ensure ongoing service delivery. Monica is an IANZ accredited KTP and participates in the laboratories proficiency testing programme.

Jacqueline Herring  (Director)

BCGL – AdvLv.

Jackie has been with the Asbestos laboratory for over twenty five years, and a Director of CES since 1995.  She has undertaken all aspects of asbestos analysis, survey and advisory services. Jackie continues to provide oversight and expertise in laboratory services and advise on a part time basis and remains a CES Director and KTP.

As director of CES she continues to provide support to the team and remains committed to CES. She has an impressive record of experience, providing asbestos analysis, survey and consulting services to MoH (ATAG), Public health units, the Demolition and Construction sector (NZDAA), the public at large and Asbestos industry clients throughout New Zealand.   

Job Vacancies

We are always on the look out for qualified asbestos analysts, surveyors and assessors or individuals who are interested in the asbestos services. 

If you have asbestos related skills and experience and are looking for work, or if you think you would enjoy a change in career, laboratory and microscope based analysis, or have trade backgrounds please send us an email together with your CV.