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Surveys and Sampling

The scope and extent of our surveys and sampling shall be agreed with the client before it is carried out. Every effort is made to identify all asbestos materials so far as is reasonably practical to do so within the scope of the survey.  

Survey techniques involve trained and experienced surveyors using the combined approach of visual examination and bulk sampling. It is always possible after a survey that asbestos-based materials may remain undetected in the property, or area covered by the survey. This could be due to various reasons as follows:

- Asbestos-containing materials present within areas not specifically covered by the instructions for the survey or sampling are outside the scope of the report.
- Materials may be hidden or obscured by other items or cover finishes, e.g. overboarding, disguising etc. In these situations detection of asbestos may be impaired.
- Asbestos may be hidden as part of the structure to a building and not visible until the structure is dismantled at a later date.
- Debris from previous asbestos removal projects may be present in some areas. General asbestos debris and dust does not form part of the survey, however all good intentions are made for its discovery.
- Where an area has been previously stripped of asbestos, e.g. plant rooms, ducts, etc, and new coverings added, it must be noted that asbestos removal techniques have improved steadily over the years. The Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 specifies certain enforceable requirements. Asbestos removal prior to this Regulation may not be up to the standards currently in force and therefore dust and debris may be present below new coverings.
- During the course of the survey access to certain areas may be restricted. If so, such areas are defined within the report. Accordingly, no samples will be taken from restricted areas and asbestos should be presumed to be present until inspection, sampling and analysis proves otherwise.
- Access for the survey may be restricted for many reasons beyond our control such as height, immovable obstacles or confined space. Where gas, electrical and mechanical equipment is present, no access will be attempted until proof of its safe state is given. Our operatives have a duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) for both themselves and others.
- In the building where asbestos has been located and it is clear that not all areas have been investigated, any material that is found to be suspicious and not detailed as part of the survey should be treated with caution and sampled accordingly.
- Certain materials contain asbestos to varying degrees and some may be less densely contaminated at certain locations, i.e. not homogenous. Where this is the case the sample taken may not be representative of the whole product.
- Where asbestos has not been identified, for the reasons stated above, no assurances are given that the property is free of asbestos materials.
- Where the presence of asbestos has been identified or where there is a presumption that asbestos is present, the material should not be disturbed. It is the responsibility of the PCBU to organise monitoring of the condition of the material in accordance with current legislation and appropriate remedial action taken (e.g. repair, encapsulation, removal), if its condition is deteriorating.
- The survey is prepared and carried out on the basis that the land is not contaminated. No assessment of land contamination is been made.
- The report is valid at the date on which the survey is carried out and in respect of the building(s), in the condition that they were in at the time of the inspection.
- The inspection report is prepared for the sole use of the client, their contractors and advisers. The report may not be transferred to any other parties. Any unauthorised third party relies upon the report at their own risk and the authors owe them no duty of care and skill.

The survey and sampling is carried out under the guidance/requirements of the owner of the property, or his/her representative, and the survey and sampling will be as per those instructions and guidance at that time.  CES cannot be held responsible for any damage caused as part of the survey and sampling carried out on behalf of the customer. Due to the nature and necessity of sampling for asbestos some damage [to the premises] is unavoidable, but will be limited to just that necessary for the taking of the sample.

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