CES is an International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) accredited laboratory - 17025. We operate to independently audited and internationally recognised methods and procedures. Click here to view our IANZ Scope of Accreditation.

Our accreditation includes:

Capital_Environmental_Services_2005_Ltd_Test_Number_1.jpg ♦ Asbestos identification in bulk materials including soil - Sampling & Analysis.
  ♦ Six Asbestos Types; Amosite, Chrysotile, Crocidolite, Actinolite, Anthophyllite and Tremolite.
  ♦ Asbestos fibres (in air) - Sampling & Analysis.
  ♦ Identification and Quantification of Asbestos in Soil and Associated Materials.
  ♦ Fibre Counting and Identification of Asbestos on Filters.
  ♦ Gravimetric Analysis of Particulates Collected on Filters (Respirable and Inhalable Dust).
  ♦ Accredited Mobile Laboratories

All of our analytical team are either Key Technical Persons (KTP) or working towards KTP through our robust and documented training programme. 

Ministry for Primary Industries - Transitional Facilty

CES is an Approved Transitional Facility for the import of Soil, Dust and Water for asbestos identification.


CES are Site Safe members, and Site Wise Green certified.

We have been successful in obtaining Site Wise Green since our first submission in 2017. Site Wise update since 2021-2022 - GOLD, well done team.







SiteWise-Gold.jpg CES_SiteWise-Gold-21-22.jpg
SiteWise-Green-20-21.jpg SiteWise-Green.jpg CES SiteWise20182019_PM.jpg


WorkSafe - Safe Plus



CES is participating in this programme having

completed the Safe Plus 2018-2023 assessment process.

We are pleased to say our assessments indicate

we are performing. 


We are a Prequal Organisation