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Sample Analysis by CES

IANZ Accrediation Number 636.


Bulk Material & Soil Analysis

CES is IANZ accredited for identification of asbestos in bulk samples and associated materials (including soils). We use a combination of gravimetric reduction and polarised light microscopy (PLM) on the majority of samples. Our laboratory focuses on the asbestos analysis of all materials including the semi and full quanitifcation of asbestos in soils. Read more...


Dust Analysis

We have tried several methods for collecting samples including surface dust and in our experience the ghost wipes are the most effective method of collecting settled dust from a surface to determine the presence of asbestos. Ghost wipes are manufactured in the United States and provided in individually sealed packages reducing contamination issues.

Once the sample has been collected, being wiped over the entire surface or a large representative area, the wipe with the collected dust is ashed at approximately 400°C. This ashing process removes other fibre types that may be present and any organic material, and the ghost wipe fabric reduces to a trace amount. The remaining ashed sample is then prepared for analysis by polarised light microscopy.

Fibre Counts - MFM  - Phase Contrast & Polarised Light Microscopy

When carrying out air monitoring calibrated air pumps draw a known quantity of air over a known period of time over a Membrane filter. The filter traps air-borne fibres, which can then be returned to laboratory or our mobile vans, prepared and counted under a phase contrast microscope. The number of fibres on the filter and the volume of air drawn provides for a concentration to be determined. The concentration determines whether an area is clear or safe to occupy. Asbestos fibre types (Serpentine and Amphibole) on a filter are also able to be identified using PLM, this can provide a distinction between asbestos fibre type and non-asbestos fibre types on a leak test if respirable fibre counts are high. CES fibre counting and air sampling is IANZ accredited. For more information on PLM fibre counts please give us a call at the laboratory.

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Asbestos Assessors & Consultants

Clearance, reassurance, leak and background air monitoring are significant components of any asbestos removal projects and CES Assessors can provide advise and expertise on your options.

CES has IANZ accredited Key Technical Persons for undertaking independent air sampling and analysis including fibres counts, and Work Safe Licenced Assessors for Class A and Class B Asbestos related works. Read more...

If you need asbestos advice, clearance or background air monitoring or sampling, we'd love to hear from you. Simply give us a call on 04 566 3311 or fill out the enquiry form, or use the Request Air Sampling form.

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