Soil & Sediment - Asbestos Environmental Services

Our asbestos services are growing! We offer a range of soil surveys, assessments and analysis including;

Soil Contamination Surveys - Asbestos in Soils.

Soil Analysis - P408 BOHS ID and Quantification of Asbestos in Soils by PCM and PLM

Soil Analysis - Accredited - Presence / Absence 

Asbestos Contaminated Soil Surveys, Sampling and Clearance

Asbestos in soil is often overlooked yet runoff from asbestos containing roofing and other materials can lead to a significant build up of fibres in the soil surrounding buildings. Contaminated soil surveys are increasingly common for many industrial, commercial and residential property owners. We carry out site assessment, sampling and analysis of soils for the presence/absence of asbestos.

CES has BOHS P408 (Identification and Quantification of Asbestos in Soils by PLM and PC) trained analysts.

Our assessors and surveyors are able to advise you on suitable measures for management of asbestos contaminated soils appropriate for the site and our services include clearance certifcates for asbestos in soil sites.

If you think your property and surrounding soil is contaminated with Asbestos please give us a call (04 566 3311) or send an email with a brief outline of your situation and we will get back to you right away.


BRANZ Asbestos in Soils Guidelines provide current practice for the sampling and analysis of soils on sites or suspected in soils in New Zealand. Our methods for quantitative analysis of asbestos are based on the BRANZ guidelines "Assessing and Managing Asbestos in Soils" 2017, Standing Committee for Analysts "The Quantification of Asbestos in Soils" 2017, and AS 4964:2004 Method for Qualitative Identification of Asbestos in Bulk Samples.

There is a lot of discussion around soil sampling for asbestos and subsequent analysis methodologies at present. Collecting soil samples should always follow good practice methodologies including BRANZ Guidelines, and The Land Contamination Assessment Guidelines published by the Ministry for the Environmental (MfE) available from the Ministry for the Environments's website.

Complimentary sampling for heavy metals and hydrocarbons is able to be included while undertaking asbestos sampling. However asbestos is our priority and we recommend you contact a contaminated land specialist for these services for larger sites and complex issues.

Sampling for asbestos in soils should be carried out by suitably experienced personal, please contact us if you think your soil has been contaminated with asbestos to discuss the procedures.