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Inhalable and Respirable Dust

Many environmental and occupational settings have a dust issue. Generally dust may be considered as nuisance particulate (limited health effects), or as respirable dust (which may have signficant health concerns). Dust monitoring can help to determine what type of dust is being generated and whether the levels meet or exceed those specified in current workplace exposure or environmental standards.

We can collect the samples for you, or if you prefer to collect your own we also supply the equipment needed to carry dust in air sampling. Full instructions are sent out with the sampling kits or alternatively you can visit us here at the Laboratory and we will show you how to use the equipment before use.

We carry out gravimetric analysis for a range of air borne contaminants for compliance monitoring against the workplace exposure standards (metal, dust and fume). Not sure what kind of dust monitoring and analysis you might need, please send us an email outlining your situation.

Our IANZ accreditation includes; Environmental Monitoring Air - Respirable and inhalable particulate collected on filters;


AS2985:2004 Workplace Atmospheres - Method for sampling and gravimetric determination of respirable dust

AS3640:2004 Workplace Atmospheres - Method for sampling and gravimetric analysis of total inspirable dust