Inhalable and Respirable Dust

Many environmental and occupational settings are known to have issues with airborne dust. Certain components of some dust may be hazardous to health and as such personal exposure to these substances in the occupational environment should be assessed. Dusts may be generated by an industrial process or other activities within a workplace or the wider environment. Airborne dust may be classsified as inhalable dust (nuisance dust) or respirable dust. 

CES is IANZ accredited to carry out gravimetric analysis of dust collected on filters.  

We can provide the airborne concentration of a range of contaminants in the workplace, including inhalable dust, respirable dust, silica (quartz and crystobalite), metal dust (welding fume), and wood dust (soft and hard wood). We also have a range of equipment available for hire.

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Our IANZ accreditation includes; Environmental Monitoring Air (2.58) - Gravimetric analysis of dust collected on filters;

AS2985:2009 Workplace Atmospheres - Method for sampling and gravimetric determination of respirable dust

AS3640:2009 Workplace Atmospheres - Method for sampling and gravimetric analysis of total inspirable dust

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