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Air Sampling & Fibre Counting by CES 

IANZ Accrediation Number 636.

Reassurance, background, leak and clearance air sampling, monitoring, and analysis, give us a call, phone 04 566 3311 or send us an enquiry.

CES is a specialised team with extensive experience and knowledge of asbestos in New Zealand with years of IANZ accreditation and analysis. We've been around a long time!

We are independent and accredited for conducting air sampling and determination of Air borne Asbestos - fibre counts. 

Our Staff are WorkSafe Licensed Asbestos Assessors, and BOHS P402 or IP402 Surveyors.

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CES carries out Reassurance, Leak, Background and Clearance monitoring throughout the greater Wellington area. 


In accordance with legislation the Assessor should sight certain information prior to issuing a clearance, this may include:

  1. The Asbestos Removal Control Plan,
  2. The Removal Works Site Specific Safety Plan,
  3. Work Safe Notification if applicable,
  4. Evidence of a smoke or integrity test
  5. PCBU Details and request for services from the PCBU. Full contact and invoicing details for the Workplace and Client PCBU. 
  6. Confirmation that the Removalist has inspected the site prior to request, and
  7. Confirmation and contact details of the Supervisor / removalist who will be on site at time of clearance.


Please note the above is an ideal minimum requirement, we reserve the right to require additional information.

Complete the online booking request form and send it to us together with a completed terms of trade Client form via email -  

What is Clearance Monitoring? 

When an asbestos removal specialist carries out any asbestos removal at a house, commercial or industrial premise, they should be carrying it out in accordance with legislation and codes of practices which aim to protect the public and ensure the site is free from asbestos after the removal is complete. Clearance monitoring is asbestos air monitoring carried out at the removal site after the job has been completed and the removal specialist has cleaned the area. In many cases it is a four stage process involving inspection and testing even before the removal has started

What about Background and Reassurance Monitoring?

Background monitoring and Leak monitoring can also be carried out during and throughout the removal process. Leak air monitoring occurs outside the 'enclosed removal area' to determine whether the area is secure and that no asbestos fibres are escaping during the removal process. Background montitoring occurs in the vicinity of the removal works site.

Reassurance monitoring (sometimes called Background monitoring) occurs in buildings and locations where asbestos is present but there has been no removal works carried out and the area or workplace remains occupied. Air monitoring in such areas can help to reassure occupants of the air quality. 

What is a fibre count?

Air pumps draw a known quantity of air over a known period of time onto a membrane or SEM filter. The filter traps fibres, which are prepared (in our accredited mobile labs and/or our Gracefield lab) and counted under a phase contrast microscope. The volume of air and fibre count are used to determine a concentration - fibres/mil. This concentration assist with determining whether an area is safe ocupy or clear of airborne fibres above an exposure limit. 

When a fibre count is high, an additional count and identification can be carried out to determine whether the fibres are asbestos (Serpentine - Chrysotile, or Amphibole - Amosite & Crocidolite). The concentration can be recalculated for asbestos fibres only. Read more... Please get in contact with us at the Laboratory to discusss the PLM Fibre Count option.