Environmental Dust

Asbestos isn't the only dust we are accredited for. We are accredited for gravimetric analysis of dust collected on filters.

We have a range of equipment available for hire suitable for exposure and static dust monitoring requirements.

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Crystalline Silica

We can provide Quantitative identification of Crystalline Silica (quartz and cristobalite) in both air and bulk samples.


Crystalline silica is ubiquitous in the environment and is a basic component of soil, sand and rocks. 

Prolonged exposure to fine (respirable) crystalline silica dust that may be produced by a range of industrial and environmental activities and is known to cause the lung disease Silicosis.  Construction workers are particularly at risk with activities such as concrete cutting and abrasive blasting,  mining, quarrying, foundry work etc.

Crystalline Silica is composed of 3 polymorphs, Quartz , Cristobalite and Tridymite,  Quartz being the most common.  CES is able to test for the presence of crystalline Quartz and Cristobalite. Tridymite is rarely found in the occupational environment and as such is not usually included in testing regimes.


CES provides pre-weighed filters for occupational exposure monitoring. Monitoring should be carried out by competent persons.

See Worksafe for more information regarding competency for health & exposure monitoring.

The two most common forms of crystalline silica: Quartz  and  Cristobalite