Environmental Dust

Asbestos isn't the only dust we monitor and assess. Environmental dust monitoring for consent compliance, air contamination monitoring and workplace exposure level monitoring are all provided by CES.

We can come to you, or we have a large range of equipment available for hire that will suit all dust monitoring requirements.

Indoor air quality measurements, mould and other contaminants are also able to be sampled. 

Send us an email with details of the monitoring you need and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Crystralline Silica

Our silica services include Quantitative identification of Crystalline Silica (quartz and cristobalite) in both air and bulk samples.


Crystalline silica is ubiquitous in the environment and is a basic component of soil, sand and rocks. 

Prolonged exposure to fine (respirable) crystalline silica dust that may be produced by a range of industrial and environmental activities and is known to cause the lung disease Silicosis.  Construction workers are particularly at risk with activities such as concrete cutting and abrasive blasting,  mining, quarrying, foundry work etc.

Crystalline Silica is composed of 3 polymorphs, Quartz , Cristobalite and Tridymite,  Quartz being the most common.  CES is able to test for the presence of crystalline Quartz and Cristobalite. Tridymite is rarely found in the occupational environment and as such is not usually included in testing regimes.

CES can provide sampling kits with full instructions to carry out air sampling to assess your compliance to the current Workplace Exposure Standard  for respirable silica (quartz and cristobalite) in air, which may be included in your companies Health and Safety Surveillance Program. Alternatively you may  wish to visit our laboratory for training in the use of the sampling equipment or we can attend on site to carry out the sampling.  Kits consist of sampling pumps with cyclone cassettes containing a pre- weighed filter to collect the dust.  Bulk samples may also be analysed to determine the silica content.

The gravimetric analysis for respirable dust with XRD analysis for the presence of Crystalline Silica is IANZ accredited.

We are able to test for the two most common forms of crystalline silica:

Quartz  and  Cristobalite